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francomparesmfawardPerhaps you're asking yourself "What's a franchise?" A franchise is your own business that comes with the significant advantage of being built with the concept, tradenames, & systems of an established business. Because of this, you are in business for yourself, but NOT by yourself. For example, with Shear Madness Haircut for Kids Franchising, our company is ready to begin with all the tried and true systems in place! For a franchisee who wants to start their own business, this greatly reduces the learning curve, and thus avoids wasting time and money on processes that just don't work.




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Exploring a Children's Salon Franchise


ErinAnkeny2.jpgToolkitsmall17.jpg“The fun atmosphere coupled with a positive, up-beat culture and multiple revenue streams made Shear Madness Haircuts For Kids the right investment for me. We’ve experienced rapid and steady business growth that truly lives up to our name...Shear Madness!”


Erin Nanke, Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids Franchise Owner, with locations in both Des Moines & Ankeny, IA.




  • $55 Billion dollar industry
  • Won't be replaced by the internet
  • Recession Resistant
  • Makes people feel good
  • No around the clock hours
  • Hair care is essential to any community - no matter the economic climate
  • High demand, high repeat cash business
  • Running a childrens salon franchise takes a business person - not just a stylist
  • No perishable inventory
  • Absentee Ownership
  • Sustainable Business Model


I'm interested in buying a franchise, but how do I know if I'm investigating the RIGHT franchise opportunity?

What experience do I need?

How much money will I need in order to start up my own franchise business?

How much money can I earn from owning my own franchise business?

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