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At Shear Madness we pride ourselves on finding the best of the best when it comes to hair products for kids! Our salon is a GREEN salon as we don’t do any chemical treatments on any clients’ hair. We also use the safest nail care products! We offer all kinds of professional hare care products to our clients. We have so many more than are listed below, but really it's best to come into the salon and allow our stylists to guide on the best products for your childs’ hair!


Natural Hair Products

When it comes to Natural Hair Products we carry several items from several great companies:

Original Sprout Organic Shampoo

From baby to ANY age Original Sprout is natural, organic, vegan hair care, bath & styling products for the ENTIRE family! EU compliant – safe & soothing ingredients.

  • Free of phytoestrogens lavender & tea tree, phthalates, clove & musk
  • No soy, gluten, honey, peanut or dairy
  • No nanoparticles or titanium dioxide

Our Favorites:

Hair & Body Wash (use for shampoo and for bath soap!) – Even helps clear cradle cap & eczema (their lotion helps with eczema too!)

Miracle Detangler Spray – this detangler IS a miracle and as a BONUS – it contains rosemary – and lice HATE that! So a great lice preventative as well.

Natural Curl Calmer – Never crunchy or sticky! And again – contains rosemary! So lice HATE this product as well. And curly heads love it!

Natural Styling Balm – Great for boys & girls, holds that style, barrettes, & ponytails in place!

Natural Hair Gel – No sticky residue, strengthens & softens, and no added fragrances

Tahitian Hair Oil – Not just for the hair! Keeps the color in treated hair, but also soothes dry hands, elbows, feet and hair too!

Hip Peas – Another great line using ONLY safe and NATURAL and environmentally safe ingredients in their products.

Hair Styling Balm – One of our favorites, especially for BOYS! Those slicked & spiked styles stay in place! And girls’ braids, ponytails, & barrettes stay in place even through gymnastics meets!

Swim & Sport LineRemoves chlorine with cucumber and aloe and can be used by babies & adults!

  • Swim & Sport Shampoo & Wash
  • Swim & Sport Conditioner
  • Swim & Sport Conditioning Spray

More Great Professional Hair Products

While these lines may not be completely organic or natural – they are lines with professional grade ingredients, and in most cases the only additive is fragrance.

Johnny B

A line of hair car products aimed at boys & men. Boys hairstyles have become more difficult to maintain than girl styles!! At Shear Madness we can teach you how to keep that boy looking his dapper best!

  • Mode Styling Gel
  • Dope
  • Street Cream
  • Molding Paste
  • Smooth Styling Cream

Surf’s Up- All formulas are cruelty-free and do not contain sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, BPAs, DEA, MEA or TEA.

  • Super Keen Hair Wax – Works as a smoothing pomade on wet hair and an awesome texturizing wax on dry!
  • Surf’s Up Grape Hair Jam – Circle of Friends formula! We LOVED this product and they quit making it – so Surf’s Up took it over – so now we can offer It to our clients! Smells so good!

Easy A

Free of gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, SLS, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, dyes, sodium chloride, formaldehyde, MEA, DEA, TEA, and most common allergens.

  • Detangler & ConditionerAnd we like to say, “It’s a star!” Love how this detangler works!

Fairy Tales 

These formulas are free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, paraben and sulfates. And with the growing concern regarding children’s allergies, now dairy, gluten and nut-free too!

  • Rosemary Repel Conditioning Spray - Natural hair care products proven to help prevent head lice by using organic herbs of rosemary, tea tree, peppermint, lavender and geranium oils.

Cradle Cap Cradle Cap is caused by an imbalance in a baby’s system. They usually all grow out of it by the time they are a year old. However, it doesn’t look very nice. So we DO have products that can help. The Original Sprouts Hair & Body wash helps clear this up – you can read more about this product above.

Then our favorite Baby Product is a silicone wash utensil that replaces a wash cloth! It can be used for ALL ages, is fun to play with in the bath, NEVER molds (so no wash cloth to squeeze out), and it has 2 sides, one that works on scrubbing cradle cap, ink, or other dirt that needs scrubbing, and the other side is for general washing.

Innobaby – This company is dedicated to making safe, smart baby products like the Bathing Smart Silicone Bath Scrub – Fun colors, and shaped like a fish, very cool feeling – almost addictive! Two sides, one is great for cradle cap.

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