What do Parents think of Our Kids Salon Franchise?

Posted by Matthew S on Fri, Jan 13, 2017 @ 14:01 PM


Here at Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids, we're truly a place "Where Every Child Matters". From our awesome great kids haircuts, to cool parties, ear piercing, kids retail, jewelry and so much more, we're always having fun figuring out new ways to bring a smile to the parents and kids who visit one of our locations throughout the United States. In this past year alone, we've had thousands of kids walk through our doors into a magical world where they (and their parents) know they'll be treated like a star! This is why we thought it would be great to share the following reviews that parents have sent our way after visiting!

Just took 3 of my kiddos there today. My son got to play the xbox (he’s 10) while my girls got to watch a movie. I think they were nice, accommodating and the girls’ hair turned out super cute! - Michele

Alicia is awesome and so patient with my son who has special needs and getting a haircut is not an easy thing for him. I have no idea how she stays so calm and gets a great cut on his hair. I don't know what we would do without her. - Sonja

My son is almost 2 and this was his 3rd experience getting his haircut (we decided to try somewhere new this time). He isn't very cooperative, and in fact hates getting his haircut!! Your stylist was awesome with getting the job done!! I wish I asked for her name, but it was quite chaotic and I forgot to ask in the midst of everything. We will definitely be back, and I was super happy with the cut, how professional she was, and how she got the job done with patience!! Thank you! - Jenn

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you and tell you about the incredible experience we had at your salon! My 2.5 year old son is pretty resilient to haircuts and usually puts up quite a struggle.   Our hairdresser, Stephanie, was so patient with him and did everything to make him feel comfortable .  My son ended up sitting on my husband's lap while Stephanie cut his hair.  He loved watching cartoons and was so well-behaved as she gave him an amazing haircut! I cannot thank you enough for this great experience!  I have already told my friends and we will definitely be back! - Amy

I brought my son for his very first haircut today at your Amherst, NY location. The stylist did such a great job! She was quick and accurate! I will never take my children to another salon. Thanks for such a great experience! - Heather

I'd just like to say my sons hair looks amazing & you guys did an amazing job! Definitely recommending you guys to everybody I know. Thank you! - Meagin

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience we had at Shear Madness this past Sunday.  My son is 18 months old and this was his 4th haircut.  His last few were not very good and to be honest we were always a bit unhappy with the cleanliness of the kids' salons we had visited. When I walked in, I was so happy to see a clean, welcoming salon where I was comfortable letting my son run around and explore.  Our stylist Laura was wonderful with my son and listened to exactly what I wanted.  In addition, the cutting area was clean and my son LOVED the car! We are so happy to have found a place for him to get his hair cut. Thank you SO much! -Stephanie 

Love! Love! Love! This place!!! Took both girls here and they did an awesome job on their hair!!!!! This is the only place I will return to get their hair cut at!!! I had bad experiences at other hair cutting places for these children. - Diana

Brought my daughter and son this weekend to get their hair cuts. It’s an amazing place and great people! My son who usually freaks out about getting his hair cut was excited to pick out his car to sit in and let them cut his hair! Thank you for a great experience! We will be back!!! - Crystal

Awesome place! Took my 3yr old grandson to get his hair cut there, and he watched Spongebob on the little flatscreen by his airplane. He had a blast - it was so much fun just seeing him so excited!! - Lisa

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5 Techniques on Calming an Upset Child (or Parent)!

Posted by Matthew S on Tue, Sep 13, 2016 @ 16:09 PM

Calming.jpgOver the years, Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids has seen plenty of kids come through our doors that aren't overly thrilled about the idea of getting a haircut, or an ear piercing. However, as a kids hair salon that specializes in creating a fun, memorable and positive experience for both children and their parents - we've learned a thing or two on helping kids feel great - as well as how to turn those frowns upside down. Following are five calming techniques for an upset child (or upset parent)!

1. Slow down and breath deep! When it comes to calming an upset child, sometimes it's good to just take a deep breath - which works for both the child and for the parent who might be getting a little frustrated! A good way to do this is to close your eyes (if you can) draw in a long, slow breath - hold it for a couple seconds, and then slowly exhale. Do this a number of times if necessary to help clear the mind and relax.

2. Just Count to 10! If a parent or child finds themselves in a difficult situation, sometimes the best thing you can do is count to 10 before you respond. This allows the individual to take a moment to properly assess the situation and formulate an appropriate response to whatever is going on. We've all been there when we get provoked by a bully, and we feel the need to impulsively lash out - with sometimes regrettable consequences later. Counting to 10 is a great way to possibly help keep those regrets to a minimum!

3. Give Yourself a Hand! No, this doesn't mean that whenever you're having a tough time to stop and clap. Although, the gentle rythmm of softly clapping hands can be a good way to help focus. Another good idea is to encourage your upset child to place their hands in their pocket, sit on them, or clasp their hands tightly together. This not only helps encourage restraint, but can help the individual think about the gentle pressure being applied to their hands. Another technique is to blow into the hand when upset. Much like the above mentioned deep breathing, this involves the child exhaling into their hands as they breath. The sensation of their breath against their hand is another way for them to consider something other than negative feelings. Note: Sometimes when frustrated or unable to focus, placing your hands under the water from a faucett, or washing your face can help clear the mind as well.

4. Walk it Out! If a person is really bothered by something, it can be a good idea just to go for a short walk and get a little exercise. If the weather is bad, walk around the the interior of whatever building you are in, and take notice of the artwork, style, or design of the structure. If the weather is good, take a short walk outside and notice the clouds in the sky, flowers, trees and noises of your surroundings. Whether walking inside or out, the idea is just to take a few moments to allow the mind and body to relax through movement and positive stimulation from your environment. And if there's an occassion where you're unable to walk anywhere, people will also use exercise techniques like yoga or running in place. 

5. A Hug and a Song! Last but certainly not least, is the power of love and a little music to lift the heart. We've all been there where sometimes all we need is just a gentle hug from someone we know and trust. And when people are upset, a great way to calm them down is to just hug them for as long as they want you to. Making eye contact is also good when giving hugs, as it lets people know you're in tune with what's going on. Also, with children, sometimes a favorite song softly hummed in their ear is a good way to promote those happy thoughts.

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