Opening a Salon Franchise

Posted by Janon Otto on Tue, Jun 5, 2012 @ 16:06 PM

christopherSalon Ownership - choices, choices, choices!

There are many different ways to run a salon.  Choosing between them takes a lot of self evaluation.  Are you a stylist?  Do you want to be in the salon all the time?  Are you considering handling the management or turning that over to someone else? Here are the basic types of salon types to choose between:
  • Low-end, High-end and those in-between the ends. The high-end salons offer all services and sometimes even include the offering of massages. They may also offer chemicals for permanents, hair removal, etc. The hair removal field is a growing field and makes this option more and more viable. The issues with high-end salons that only deal with hair is that most individuals end up becoming loyal to their stylist more than to the salon itself. If the stylist leaves, then the client tends to leave as well. Adding services that are not so stylist specific can make this easier to manage.
  • Low-end salons tend to be more easily recognizable if they are part of a franchise. These customers recognize and know what to expect. Typically they are run by stylists who are paid hourly. These stylist double as the salon management and do not typically develop a clientele since appointments are not made and walking-in is the mode of operation.
  • Another option is a salon that is made up of stylist who are all independent contractors. They develop their own clientele and rent space from the salon owner.
  • A mid-range salon may be run by a manager, take appointments and may pay the stylists an hourly wage, a commission or some combination of the two.  This is where Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids fits in.
  • In addition to deciding between these types of salons, you'll also want to think about the clientele that you'd be most interested in serving. Would it be women, men, children or families?

The above list is just a small sampling of the decisions that need to be correctly made to be a successful salon owner. However, with a salon franchise, all the difficult decisions in regards to the handling of employee pay, systems, clientele management and more are all laid out for you.  A franchise is like having a built in business coach telling you exactly the best way to do things! Want to know more? Check out our free download at the link below!
Exploring a Children's Salon Franchise

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