Testimonials from Customers

"I could cry. I’ve never NOT had to hold his head still during a haircut before. We’re never going back to Great Clips because Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids is AMAZING! He got to sit in a fire truck and watch Paw Patrol, Kenna moved with him when he moved, she talked to him and told him everything she was going to do before she did it...and she never once told him to sit still or stop moving. She was incredible...she earned a good tip that’s for sure! He got a sticker and a lollypop, and never wants to go back to Great Clips where the stylist was rude to him ever again!" - Katraena1


"My son is almost 2 and this was his 3rd experience getting his haircut (we decided to try somewhere new this time). He isn't very cooperative, and in fact hates getting his haircut!! Your stylist was awesome with getting the job done!! I wish I asked for her name, but it was quite chaotic and I forgot to ask in the midst of everything. We will definitely be back, and I was super happy with the cut, how professional she was, and how she got the job done with patience!! Thank you!" - Jenn


"I brought my daughter in to get her ears pierced. The staff was wonderful and very professional! We had a great experience! Thank you!"  - Stacey


"We brought in my 11 month old that has severe stranger danger; I was extremely impressed by the way Amy communicated with her, she didn’t miss a beat. My child sat their happily getting her haircut and LOVED Amy! Kristin was extremely informative and gentle about my daughter’s ear piercing; she let me take my time with her to feed her before and she cheered her up after!!! We will absolutely be returning!!!" - Felicia

"We had my daughters 10th Birthday party and the girls had a blast!! They were having so much fun, the party was a success! The staff was extremely friendly and did a wonderful job with the girls hair and make up! Thank you Shear Madness for making my Daughter's birthday party so special!" -Avery


"I'd just like to say my sons hair looks amazing & you guys did an amazing job! Definitely recommending you guys to everybody I know. Thank you!" - Meagin


"I brought my son for his very first haircut today at your Amherst, NY location. The stylist did such a great job! She was quick and accurate! I will never take my children to another salon. Thanks for such a great experience!" - Heather


"My family had an amazing experience at Shear Madness! We have a son that has a sensory disorder and getting a haircut has been a nightmare for a long time. He got to pick out what car he was sitting in and what show he watched and although he still had a few meltdowns it was nothing compared to haircuts in he past. It was also great to have a stylist that understood and was patient with him. Also it was nice to see a stylist that was fluent in ASL! What a great place that was inclusive for all children!! Thanks :)" - Samantha


"First visit, found via Yelp. Such a great experience for us. This is the first time we had ever gone somewhere other than our normal place, which is much further away. The place was clean, fun and inviting, and our son got a great cut. 5 stars!" - Kimberley


"Super fun and friendly environment, super awesome with my sons crazy hair." - Abby


"My 2 year old son hates haircuts with a passion, but this place is so neat and they are so nice and patient. He still cried but way less than he has ever cried before! I love the cute vehicle chairs for the kids to sit in as well as movies to watch and that there is a toy section so my son could pick something out to cheer him up after his haircut!" - Kasey


"I am SO excited to have found this place! My 2 year old son has always struggled with haircuts... not here! He had fun from the minute we walked in and didn’t want to leave! The stylist, Amy, did an amazing job on him and was very friendly and personable. All the staff were. He sat in the bulldozer and watched paw patrol during his haircut and couldn’t have been happier. The toys in the waiting area were fun and would have kept him occupied for quite some time but we only waited about ten minutes to get called. We will be back for every haircut from here on out! Thanks Shear Madness for making haircuts something my son can be excited about and not a total nightmare." - Aimee


"Yesterday we had my daughters 8 year old birthday party here and she still hasn’t stopped talking about it. We had 5 girls including the birthday girl and they all had a great time. They did the girls hair updos and glitter, painted their nails, put on glitter tattoos, and helped us with the presents, and took pictures of the party. We couldn’t be more pleased with our service. Everyone of the staff members made our daughter feel like she was a real princess for the day. It was awesome. I would highly recommend this for anyone with a daughter who likes to be pampered. And I’m pretty sure we will be back next year!" - Melissa

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