5 tips to Encourage Healthy Lifestyles in Children

Posted by Jim Otto

healthykids.jpgAt Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids, delivering a great experience for kids is our specialty. Whether it's helping them (and their parents) feel great by getting a fantastic haircut, hosting an awesome party, or providing the very best in hair products, hair related accessories, toys and more, we love being able to share a little happiness with the world through what we do best! Because to us, EVERY child matters!

Kids today have a lot of options available to them in regards to food choices, clothing, entertainment, toys, indoor and outdoor activities and much more. Sometimes it seems like it can be a tough job as a new parent trying to wade through all the noise and figure out what's best for your special little girl or guy. As Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids loves working with kids, and because we're parents too, we thought we'd share some of our thoughts on helping encourage healthy lifestyles in your children.

1. Eating Right is Important! Help your kids start the day out with a healthy breakfast for both mental and physical benefits. Each meal is important of course, but breakfast can sometimes be one of those overlooked meals where kids feel rushed in eating it (in order to get to wherever they need to go for the day). It's important to encourage children to slow down while eating, chewing each bite properly. Also, sometimes kids may eat something that isn't so healthy in order to be on their way more quickly too (like a piece of pizza from the previous night, a candy bar, or a can of pop - yikes!). Plus, breakfast can be a great time to talk with your kids and help them get in a good frame of mind for the day ahead.

2. Taking Care of Your Body: In addition to eating right, helping kids know how to properly care for themselves is a great skill that prepares them for a healthy lifestyle as an adult. For example, establishing a habit of brushing teeth in the morning and evening before bed, drinking plenty of water each day, getting plenty of sleep, keeping their environment clean and proper hand and face washing are all important considerations in helping kids build a good foundation of caring for their body. 

3. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! The benefits of good exercise can never be underestimated for people of all ages in our world today. Biking, walking and running are all good ways for kids to get out and exercise. Don't let the idea of exercise be a boring one either! For example, bike rides, running and walks can be to a different destination every day. You can also play little games as you exercise too, such as trying to spot certain birds as you're out, or counting certain colors of cars. And best of all, a lot of these can be done with your kids. Not only are you both getting exercise, but you're also getting in some great family time too! 

4. Entertainment: With the prevelance of electronic toys, phones, portable games and a huge range of entertainment options through televesion, sometimes kids start thinking that the only way to be entertained is via staring at a screen. However, encourage your kids to get outside and have fun taking walks, building forts, playing with toys outside, making crafts, reading a book, playing a board game, writing a story, drawing a picture or helping mom or dad out with an important task around the house. Sure, it's fine to play with the electronic toys a little each day, but too much may keep kids (and you) from missing out on a lot of other fun experiences!

5. Taking Care of Your Appearance: This one is a fun one, as it's a way for kids to really look and feel great about themselves. Help them learn how to properly comb their hair or pick out an outfit to wear for the day. As they get older, they'll be able to do this on their own - although hopefully they'll still seek you out sometimes for those important questions! But in those younger years, it's a great way to spend a little one-on-one time with your child, and help them see you as a source of encouragement and trustworthy council on helping them feel good before they start their day. And don't forget - at Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids, we offer many great ways to help kids look and feel great about themselves too! We not only have cool haircuts and fantastic hair stylists that encourage and build kids up, but we have a carefully hand-picked selection of hairbows, jewelry, hair products, educational toys and much more designed to help kids feel great!

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