Affordable Customer Appreciation Ideas

Posted by Jim Otto

affordablecustomerideasAre you a small business owner who is interested in cultivating happy customers, encouraging customer loyalty, and stimulating great customer growth? If so, the following are some creative small business marketing ideas you can use to show a little customer appreciation! And best of all, it doesn't cost a lot either!

Gifts from your Community: Gifts from your community are a little more personal and unique than a mass-produced trinket ordered from a catalog. Plus, it really helps out the other local small businesses in your neighborhood. Ideas might include tea, coffee, barbeque sauces, chips and salsa, jams and more!

Sending Cookies: Sending a box of cookies branded with your logo, along with a thank you note, can be a great way to show appreciation. And if you'd really like to put your best foot forward, be sure to pick gluten free cookies, or another healthy snack. Items like cookies have worked so well in the past because people will pass these out to co-workers, or take them home to family and friends. It's a nice way to get the word out about who you are!

Write a Thank You Note: People today are often overwhelmed with text messages and e-mails. This is why the hand-written thank you note is such a great way to reach out to your valued customers. The note can be written on branded stationary or a card with your logo, and include a special coupon. 

Educational Gifts: While educational gifts may at first glance sound a bit bland, many people will regardless appreciate a useful gift that helps them learn something in a fun way. The key here is to select educational books, DVD's, audiobooks and more that are interesting and timely.

Humorous Products: Everyone enjoys receiving something in the mail that brings a smile. Not only that, but it also helps convey a fun atmosphere around your business, which is especially helpful if you offer products and services to children and young people. Some ideas might include crazy sunglasses, giant foam fingers, or pencil toppers featuring funny characters. But remember: whatever you decide, make sure it's tasteful and appropriate for all ages!

Customer Spotlight: Don't miss out on opportunities to shine the spotlight on those customers who go out of their way to show their appreciation for your brand. For example, consider hosting a fun social media event where customers take photos of themselves interacting in a positive way with your product. Feature these photos on social media over the following weeks and months. 

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