All About our Incredible Franchisee, Itzel!

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Happy Women's History month! 💛
From stylists to salon owners to leadership -- we are so proud to have such strong women in so many facets of the Shear Madness brand. We want to honor some of the achievements of the incredible driving force behind our San Antonio salon... ITZEL! 💪✨
Let's celebrate her excellence as a salon owner and her impactful efforts in empowering the youth of her community! We chatted with her and asked her some questions about life as a franchisee. Here's what she had to say:
🌕Any tips for people looking to open their own business that focuses on kids?  

⭐"The key to opening any business is to love what you do. When you think about a business related to kids it is important to create an environment filled with great energy, colorful, and new ideas, but most importantly to show love and patience with them. Kids are very smart and they feel the vibes. If you are calm they will calm, too!"

🌕What have you learned so far as a business owner?

⭐"Looking back at how I started 1.5 years ago.. I believe anything is possible. When you work hard each day, give your 110%, and take care of every little detail, sooner or later you will see the results. I am very proud of the results we have accomplished in the first year. That gives me more energy to continue working hard to be where I want to be."

🌕You are so good at connecting with the kids and families! What's your secret?

⭐"I love to treat my customers as my own family. I greet them as soon as they walk in. I always start a conversation and I see the reaction. They like to have connections. The customers appreciate it a lot. It is not hard for me to be nice to kids. I LOVE them! They make me happy. They give me positive energy and I just give that energy back. Also, my husband and my older daughter help me and we are very close. When customers see the closeness of our small family, they love us more. Honestly, being at the salon around my family with my customers feels like magic. It is amazing! 🥰"

🌕What is your favorite part about life as a business owner?

⭐"At the beginning it was a complicated schedule. For the first 6 months, I was there 7 days a week from open to close. I sacrificed family time and even missed church which was really hard for me, but I knew it was necessary in order to grow my business. Now I can tell you that what I like the most as a business owner is my TIME. I can decide my schedule. I can be with my family without asking permission from any boss because I AM the boss! I like the fact that I can change the things I don’t like and decide what I want for my business to improve. I fix the things right away because I am the owner. I just love being a business owner!"

🌕What are you most proud of in your 1st year of owning a kid's salon?

⭐"The results! Every month is better than the one before. I feel so proud to see the customers' faces as they walk into the shop. The reaction is just insane! Customers tell us every day how impressed they are about the big change in the salon. The store is beautiful, full of toys, full of energy, and they see all of that. I am proud of the results. I knew it was going to be better because I like challenges and when I decide to do something, I will do my best or I won't even start. To see the growth after only a year and a half is AMAZING! I am very proud of the results."

🌕Have you experienced any unique challenges as a woman in the franchising world?

⭐"This is the first time I've ever owned a franchise business. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to start with Jim and Janon (our franchise owners!). Everything has been easy and exceptional because they are amazing people. They care about people and make you feel that you are the best. Even though I know I was always the last store for the full year as far as numbers go. It has been a challenge to start from the very bottom, but with franchise owners like them it feels like I am the best in the universe and it gives me energy to continue working and keep doing what I am doing."

🌕Any special things you're doing for the kiddos in your area?

⭐"I was a pre-k teacher for 5 years and prior to that I worked for the school district for 3 years. I just love being around kids! I am always thinking about different ways to make them feel comfortable in the salon. I offer toys, their favorite TV show, and even bubbles during their appointments so they can be happily distracted. While siblings wait, I set up a table with fun items so they can play. I also added a little shop area with a scanner because kids love pretending they are shopping. Moms love that, too! Seeing the moms playing with their kids while the sibling is getting a haircut makes me feel so happy!"

🌕Anything else you would like to mention or highlight?

⭐"It has all been an amazing experience! I never thought I was going to love it as much as I do. My family is very proud of me and they keep motivating me each time they see me tired or exhausted. All I can say is I love my shop. I love Shear Madness and I love being a business owner!"
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