Effective Franchisee Support

Posted by Matthew S on Fri, Aug 14, 2015 @ 09:08 AM

effectivefranchiseLike any relationship, the relationship between franchisees and franchisors depends a lot on trust and goodwill. Following are some of the key areas that Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids has focused on in building trust and nourishing success for our valued franchisees!

Encouraging Communication: Anyone who feels as if they don't have someone to easily turn to when problems or quesitons arise, will often attempt to find their own solutions. Amongst franchisees, this could not only lead to less brand cohesiveness, but also division and discouragement between the franchisor and franchisee. This is why reaching out to franchisees on a continual basis is so important. Some of the ways the franchisor can do this is through newsletters, e-mail, phone and in-person visits. Handwritten notes congratulating franchisees on recent successes are also always appreciated! However, it's also important to understand that difficult situations may arise, and it's that consistent, open communication that will not only help ease potentially frustrating situations, but also save time and money too!

Encouraging Innovation: Every year, it's important to try to assess the effectiveness of your products and services. If it's discovered that a particular product or service isn't providing the desired results, the careful research and development of new products and services may help stimulate business growth in a new direction! And don't forget that innovating in communication methods can also be helpful. For example, while technology may be intimidating or costly to implement, it's also a great way to communicate through newsletters, e-mail and blogs. Website and company portals can also be helpful in allowing franchisees to quickly access important information or provide feedback.

Meetings: Monthly conference calls and yearly conferences can be a fun and helpful way to foster good relationships between franchisees and the franchisor. These meetings are also a great way to inform everyone on changes within the system, as well as helping stimulate innovation and education. Conferences can be especially effective, as it's a great way for face-to-face interaction with other franchisees, the franchisors, vendors, and more. Conferences can also help build exciting momentum with the offering of new products and innovative plans for the year to come!

Focus on the Franchisee! While growth and developing new products and services is always important, the culture of any franchising system should ultimately be franchisee-focused. Not only is respect for your franchisee critical, but positive communication with them can lead to great franchise relationships and a highly effective team. Let franchisees know that their thoughts are needed and valued by encouraging feedback on new services, products, programs, etc. Maintaining effective communication and providing support for your franchisees can be a full time job, but it helps franchisees know that someone always has their back and cares about their success!

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