Fun Ideas on Marketing to Kids!

Posted by Jim Otto

FunideasmarketingEach year, kids are reported to influence around $1 trillion in family spending! And with everything from toys, clothing, jewelry, personal care products (toothpaste, shampoo, cosmetics, etc), to eating establishments, personal care franchises (haircuts, nail salons, and more), it's easy to see why! Kids have an interest in what's new, having fun, and looking and feeling great! So if you're looking for a few ideas on marketing to kids and how to let people know about the kinds of products and services your business offers, consider checking out the following cool and creative marketing ideas!

School is Cool: Find way to let kids know about your business through running an ad in the school yearbook or newsletter. Sponsor a kids club at school by donating supplies for it, or consider helping out with a school fundraiser. And don't forget the Homeschool market! There are many homeschool conventions where businesses advertise kid friendly products and services.

Parades and Town Festivals: There are always lots of kids at parades, town festivals and local fairs! Decorate a cool car and drive it in a parade, or have a booth at a local festival or fair. Consider having a game or two that kids can interact with and win free prizes. Whatever you do, be sure to have fun and decorate in such a manner that it catches kids eyes and gets them excited about what you do!

Contests: Hosting a contest can be a fun way to draw positive attention to your brand. This could involve something simple like a coloring contest (with a specially designed coloring page for your business) to a contest that encourages kids to be creative in making something fun that features your product. Other ideas could include a model contest where parents take pictures of their kids having fun with your product or service. Prizes could include coupons, certificates, free stuff from your store, appearing on your social media sites, and much more! 

Free Stuff: Kids love to have fun and get something for free (that their mom and dad won't say "No" to!). These can be inexpensive trinkets like crazy pencil toppers, silly sunglasses, fake mustaches, foam airplanes, trading cards or even helium ballons branded with your product. 

Sports and More: Kids love sports, outdoor activities and special interest clubs (like lego building clubs and summer reading clubs at the local library). Consider advertising at the local baseball or soccer field, or sponsoring a summer reading program. Possibly look at donating sports related items to a kids team, or outdoor supplies for a scouting organization. 

Geek Culture: Kids (and their parents) today really enjoy a lot of popular sci-fi shows, graphic novels, comics and board games, collectible card games and video games. Consider hosting an event at a local comic book shop, game store, comic book or sci-fi convention. Encourage those from your business who attend to dress up as fun characters, and offer cool sci-fi related gifts branded with your product. 

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