In Business, One is the Loneliest Number!

Posted by Jim Otto

lonelybusiness.jpgWhen starting a new business by yourself, sometimes it might seem like doing your own research and going at it alone is the most attractive option. But ultimately, this might not be a good idea. Not only could you possibly be doing the wrong research and making investments that might not be financially profitable over the long run, but you just might not have all the necessary information at your fingertips that can help ensure business success! You've probably heard the phrase, “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Well, once when I was out of work I went to a job fair for a major pharmaceutical company. There were perhaps around 200 people in the room, and the meeting started off something like this, “all of you who have experience in the pharmaceutical industry get on this side of the room, and everyone else stay where you are.” Needless to say, I never interviewed that day. You see, that company knew there was no substitute for experience, no substitute for having "been there, done that”, and no substitute for having to start all over training someone to learn the pharmaceutical industry.

Let me offer you a solution. Let me tell you about a way to shorten your learning curve, save yourself all that research, stop yourself from making mistakes that someone else already made, and thinking that you know how things work when you really might not. It’s called Franchising. You see, someone else has already made all those mistakes that you are about ready to make. Someone else has done all that research. Someone else had those same wrong thoughts that you think will work, but they really don’t! That same someone, or group of someones will teach you how to succeed at a much faster rate. Why? Because they have already “been there and done that”. Put another way, by going alone - how long will it take, how much money will you spend, and how many mistakes will you make before your business must close it's doors or succeed? 

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few rare people out there who can start a business from scratch, and lo and behold it succeeds. Biz Stone, the Co-Founder of twitter is one of those. He says that, “timing, perseverance and ten years of trying will make you an overnight success”. But why would you do that when you can “pay” for a system that works and gets your business up and running at a much faster rate? That's why one is the loneliest number in business! You are either going to be in business by yourself, or you're going to have the support, systems and people to guide you. At the end of the day, what side of the room do you want to be on?

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