Risky Franchise Investments? How do you know?

Posted by Jim Otto

failing.jpgMost people who are familiar with franchising will look at the Franchise Disclosure Document, known as the FDD, differently from people who are just starting the process.
Hours of time can be spent on going through the two most commonly looked at areas of the FDD: the Item 7, which is the cost to build out a particular franchise, and the Item 19, which is the Financial Performance Representation (or FPR). Some franchises will choose to give you the numbers of their stores in the Item 19, and many will not, simply stating that they choose not to disclose those numbers at the present time. 
Where most people stop at the Item 19 is going one or two more pages to the Item 20 - which is a great way to gauge the health of a particular franchise. In the Item 20 you will typically find a series of tables titled OUTLETS AND FRANCHISE INFORMATION. If you go through these tables carefully you will see some columns titled outlets closed and outlets transferred. This is where you find out if a franchise system is failing. A large number of franchises closing speaks for itself, and if a large number of franchisees are transferring or selling their stores, then why would they do that if the franchise is so good? 
Reading the FDD and understanding what it says is a big part of finding the right business. If you don't feel comfortable going through that big thick document, engaging the services of a good franchise attorney  may help you make the right decision. Good Luck in Your Search!
Shear Madness Franchising franchises Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids salons. We have worked with franchise stores in providing franchisee support (in order to encourage continual growth and business success), and have sometimes seen the unexpected happen!  When it does, we help by identifying and helping with challenges that might arise for franchisees. Additionally, we work to present options that can help prevent these events as well. As many franchise owners may not have opened a business before, having someone who can advise them is a significant advantage of franchise ownership!

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