Seven Things Every Franchisor Should be Doing

Posted by Jim Otto

7things.jpgMany business owners will often take a look at their business and ask, "how can I grow?". Friends will look at them and say "Hey!  You ought to franchise!".  Sounds good - franchise your business!  Easy, right?!  Just find some people who want to do what you do, teach them to do it, and then sit back and collect all that royalty! Wow - So Easy!

WRONG!  Running a franchise is work!  It is running a business that is totally different than the business that you are franchising. If you're someone who is thinking of starting a franchise, or buying into one, you'll want to remember the list of the seven important things that the franchisor had better be offering their franchisees. If they aren't, then the system is not worth doing or investing in!

1.  Putting franchisee profits first!  

2.  Staying current with all marketing methods, evaluating them as they relate to the franchise business, and teaching franchisees about them.

3.  Continuing to develop the concept so that it stays up to date with the times and trends.

4.  Developing standards to help all franchisees evaluate their success or areas that need improvement. As an example from a salon business standpoint, this would be such relevant information as how many haircuts should a stylist perform in a given time period, how to figure out what to pay your stylists, what products to offer in your store, etc.?

5.   Developing benchmarks  for success.  How is each franchise doing compared to others in the system?  Are all franchisees given access to the best information?

6.   Continually developing new content that potential customers see as fresh.  Website, social media platforms, in store materials, etc.

7.   Constantly improving franchisee support - both access, systems, & communication.

Shear Madness Franchising franchises Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids salons. We have worked with franchise stores in providing franchisee support (in order to encourage continual growth), and have sometimes seen the unexpected happen!  When it does, we help by identifying and helping with challenges that might arise for franchisees. Additionally, we work to present options that can help prevent these events as well. As many franchise owners may not have opened a business before, having someone who can advise them is a significant advantage of franchise ownership!

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