How to Find a Successful Franchise System!

Posted by Jim Otto

successfranchise.jpgOk, so here’s the deal, according to a recent article I read, a new franchise starts in the United States about every 8 minutes. There are several things that bother me about this trend. Number 1 is that many new concepts have no history of operating successfully, so how does a business know that their systems works and can be taught easily to franchisees? Furthermore, without going through all kinds of economic environments and all the various issues that a business can face over a long period of changing business climates, how do you know if the concept will stand the test of time? One of the biggest advantages that I see of buying into a franchise is the “benchmarking” that they are able to do for a franchisee to make sure they are on pace to succeed - and those metrics only come from watching a business over a long period of time. If a franchise can’t show you a track record of success, don’t risk trying to create one for them! 

Number 2 (and this one really bothers me), is how many franchisors are out there selling franchises without actually running the concept. Heck, some franchisors out there have never even run their own concepts successfully. You will hear things like, “we are too busy running the franchise system and supporting our franchisees.” To that I've got to say, if your concept is that difficult to run, then you probably shouldn’t be franchising. And secondly, guess who is testing new ideas for the franchise system? You guessed it, the franchisees and not the franchisor. Look at some of the most successful franchise systems, like Buffalo Wild Wings - who runs about half their stores on a corporate basis. This is the same with Panera Bread! Even McDonald’s owns half their locations. We wouldn’t spend our money on a franchise where the Franchisor doesn’t own and run the concept successfully, so why would you?

It's a fact that running a business can be hard work and encompasses many challenges that most people have never encountered. This is why a strong case can be made for opening a salon franchise, as many offer the advantage of a successful business history. However, even getting a salon franchise off the ground takes effort and careful analysis when researching franchises.  Be sure to contact franchises and talk to the franchisors, look at the Franchise Disclosure documents and the Franchise Agreement, and compare business models. For example, Shear Madness Franchising franchises Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids salons. We have worked with franchise stores providing franchisee support, and have seen the unexpected happen!  When it does, we help by identifying and helping with challenges that might arise for franchisees. Additionally, we work to present options that can help prevent these events as well. As many franchise owners may not have opened a businesses before, having someone who can advise them is a significant advantages of franchise ownership!

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