The Top Four Traits of Successful Franchisee Owners

Posted by Jim Otto

As a franchisor we are constantly looking for people who have the right qualities to make successful franchisees. Without certain business skills and the desire to succeed and work hard, your chance of owning a successful franchise operation is greatly diminished. We have identified the following four traits as MUST haves:

  • Sales Ability - In franchising, salesmen are often identified as some of the strongest and best candidates. The ability to motivate and get your staff to understand your culture is essential to your building a quality staff. Communicating to your customers and "selling" your business in your community is also important.
  • Operations - Do you know who the head of operations is in your franchise? You guessed it, the owner. Your franchise should give you the systems and processes to be successful, but you will still have to make sure that you execute the strategy and make sure your operations run smoothly.
  • Management - The ability to manage all the moving parts of your business is another plus. Management is the ability to be organized and detailed when it comes to the smallest details of your business. This skill is essential if you are planning on owning multiple locations. 
  • Experience - Candidates who have owned a business before or have been successful in one of the three skills mentioned above have a much better chance of being successful in franchising. Running a business is hard, candidates who have been in business for a while or who have shown they have the discipline and work ethic to be successful are a big plus.

Franchising is a proven business model. Most franchisors will tell you that the biggest variable in any franchise system is the owner-operator. Following the systems and processes that the franchisor gives you are important, but you need to have SOME other skills as well. We would like to show you our proven systems and get you started on your path to financial freedom, just click on the link below! 


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