Scalability & Franchising: Like Peanut Butter & Jelly!

Posted by Jim Otto on Mon, May 9, 2016 @ 14:05 PM

PBJ.jpgYou hear people talk all the time about scalability, but what exactly does that mean? I would recommend that you find out exactly what that means as it relates to the Franchise you are thinking about buying! If you are not buying into a “scalable” system, then what you might be saying is that you're content with NOT growing your business. For example, have you ever watched the TV series Shark Tank? In this show, one of the first question they ask is, "What are your revenues?" Another good question that they ask is, "What were your revenues last year?" They ask this, because what they really want to find out is if the model growing, if it's creating more revenue than it did last year, and if it's scalable. Scalability, the ability to grow revenues and expand on an ever increasing workload, is one of the main characteristics of a franchise system. This is where the link can be found between the systems that the franchise has in place, and how those systems function under the ever increasing revenue that is produced. There are lots of ways to measure scalability for lots of different business models, but here are some of the most important when it comes to franchising;
  • Is there a market for the service? Without demand for the product, how will you grow?
  • Can you teach someone else to do it? Scalability relies on the fact that whatever you are doing can be taught to some else who can then teach it to others.
  • Standardization: Can it be repeated successfully over and over, the same way, and continue to produce more and more revenue as it grows?
  • Recurring revenue: I would venture to say that very few franchise models can survive without services or products that meet a need and require customers to come back again and again to get them.

It's a fact that running a business can be hard work and encompasses many challenges that most people have never encountered. But it's arguable that when you invest into a salon franchise system, you have a greater chance of success. Plus, most salon franchises (like Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids) do offer the advantage of a successful business history and scalability. However, as implementing a salon franchise system does take effort, you'll want to make sure all your questions are answered through doing a little research. Contact salon franchises, reach out to the franchisors, and compare business models!  You'll also want to take a look at the Franchise Disclosure document, the Franchise Agreement, and talk to current franchisees. Seek out a franchise business that currently has a long track record of success. Keep in mind that the franchise system itself may be younger than the actual concept itself.  Find out how long the franchisor has had a history with the concept itself.  Have they really figured it out before offering the franchise?

Shear Madness Franchising franchises Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids salons, and we have worked with our franchisees in growing their business and making sure they are on a path to success. Why? Because having someone who can offer expert advice on growth and scalability is one of the significant advantages of franchise ownership! And simply put, scalability as it relates to franchising allows you to consistently grow your revenue in the future, just like the Sharks on Shark Tank like it to!

Are you interested in learning how YOU can join the Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids family and run your own successful small business? We are one of the fastest growing kids hair salon franchise systems in the industry today! If you would like to learn more about small business marketing, great marketing strategies, resources for small businesses, how to grow a small business, or how to become a successful owner of your own kids hair salon franchise business, please click below or call 1-888-98 GONE MAD!

Exploring a Children's Salon Franchise

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Why Professionals Like Franchising

Posted by Matthew S on Fri, Feb 12, 2016 @ 12:02 PM

professionalfranchiseProfessionals who have spent numerous years working in the corporate world sometimes will find that they’re ready for a new challenge. After researching their options, many of these career shifters are choosing franchising. Why? Well, usually it boils down to people simply wanting to be their own boss, and being able to more capably utilize their unique skill-set to build wealth. They also realize that starting a business from the ground up is hard!  Investing in something that has most the kinks already worked out is a real advantage.  And even though running a franchise business offers many advantages over simply starting a business on your own, there’s still some unique challenges that potential franchisees might want to consider. Following is a list of some of those challenges an individual might want to think about before making the leap to owning their very own franchise business!

1. The Comfort of Corporate Structure: Many professionals who have worked in the corporate world are used to the structure the company provided. For the most part, they know when they are supposed to be at work in the morning, and when they’ll be heading home in the evening. They also know who their boss is, what’s expected of them, and who to talk to in order to appropriately delegate certain tasks. However, when an individual becomes the owner of their own franchise business, work schedules, decisions and responsibilities are pretty much up to them. Some might like this challenge, but for others it might be a little overwhelming. However, working within a proven franchise system helps significantly in this area, as the new franchise business owner won’t be going at it alone.

 2. Colleagues and Mentors: There’s a lot to be said for having colleagues and mentors who can relate to the challenges of work. And sometimes, a new business owner might feel like the support network they might have had in the corporate world just isn’t quite as strong now that they are out on their own. Because a business owner is responsible to the success of their business, it can be easy to feel insecure or get a little down-in-the-dumps when things may not go as well as hoped. But again, with franchising, fellow franchisees within the system are available to provide help and possible recommendations.  The franchisor also knows that this is very common with franchisees - most will walk the new owner through all of this with confidence built on years of experience.

3. Risk: Risk in business is always a factor, regardless if an individual works for themselves or for a company. However, the risk associated with running a business can be quite a bit different than the risks involved with working for someone else. For example, individuals who work for a company know who they have to keep happy in order to maintain a job. However, when one is working for themselves, risk can entail the failure of their business. Because of this, franchising can be a good way to lessen some of the risks associated with running your own business.

4. Working in Marketing: Some people might think that getting into running their own business means that they’ll spend a lot of time working on whatever product their business offers. However, the truth is that many small business owners spend a lot of time working on marketing the business itself. For the small business to succeed, customers will first need to discover what it is the business offers, where it is located, and value it enough to come back. Of course this requires having a great looking store with an outstanding product. But it also requires marketing what the business does in order to encourage customers to come in and purchase what is being offered. With a franchise business, often times graphics and marketing services (ads, e-blasts, social media support, etc.) will be provided, so the business owner will certainly have a big advantage over trying to do it ALL on their own. But they will still need to figure out the best ways to market to their immediate community.

5. Professional Reinvention: Switching from working in the corporate world to working for yourself will naturally involve some change. And as detailed above, there’s certainly some unique challenges involved with this change. However, owning a franchise business means that the franchisor will have a tried-and-true system in place, with many resources available to help educate and anticipate changes that might affect the future of your business. Sure, change is a part of life, but through franchising you can rest a little easier in knowing you won’t have to go through changes alone!

Here at Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids Franchising (a salon franchise for kids), we work hard to share our many great resources for small businesses, marketing strategies and business experiences so that our franchisees will have the tools to succeed! If you've ever asked yourself, "What is franchising?" or would like to know more about how to own a franchise, please click below!

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Shear Madness Salon Franchise Owners

Posted by Janon Otto on Thu, Jan 22, 2015 @ 11:01 AM

nanke picture

The past two years have been EXCITING years for our team! Owning and operating a kid's salon franchise has it's share of hurtles and challenges, but we maintain a positive attitude and outlook as we keep pressing forward! It has been fun to see all our hard work paying off as we now celebrate having 7 locations open! Our incredibly COOL salon concept for kids has franchise locations now in Lee's Summit MO, Albuquerque NM, San Antonio TX, McAllen TX, and West Des Moines IA thanks to our dedicated and enthusiastic franchisees and our team. Now we would like to take a moment and recognize each one of our fabulous franchise owners and their families. To our ever growing Shear Mad-tastic Family - Here's to you!

Shear Madness Franchise Owners

Picture 1Brenda and Eduardo Morales: Our very first Shear Madness franchise owners, this couple opened their first salon in San Antonio TX at the Village in Stone Oak in San Antonio, TX in November 2012. Brenda and Eduardo have faithfully endured many of the early franchising growing pains with good humor and a willingness to learn. Their store has steadily seen growth despite the tough competition in their area. Their birthday parties have been a very successful addition to their haircutting business. We are so grateful for this caring, enthusiastic, and extremely hard working couple. Brenda currently manages the store while Eduardo assists however he can while also managing his business in Mexico. They live in San Antonio with their two children.

michelle webMichelle and Tom Vick: This couple came to us in 2012 looking for an opportunity to grow our concept in a brand new market in Albuquerque NM. To our delight, Shear Madness in Albuquerque, NM opened in October 2013 with much local anticipation and enthusiasm! Their salon is steadily growing, and with the help of their Fantastic Staff they are successfully building a great reputation with their local people. They also own a construction company. Shear Madness provides diversity to their income. They live in Albuquerque with their 3 sons.


Elsy and Jorge Garcia : Owners of the Shear Madness at the Forum in San Antonio, TX, this couple just moved to the United States from Monterrey, Mexico. Opening their first Shear Madness location while moving their family and and enrolling 4 children in school was challenging - but worth the effort. They have a super location in a high traffic area with fantastic stylists! Their store has been converted completely from a previous children's hair salon into a fantastic Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids!

erin signErin Nanke: Erin was a full time marketing executive for a large television station and owner of our new location which just opened November 2013 in West Des Moines, IA! Her store sits across from Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines, and across from the popular local favorite Scratch Cupcakery. Partly due to her incredible location and partly to her mega marketing skills, this franchisee is building her salon into "the place to be" in Des Moines, Iowa! We are honored to have such knowledgable and determined franchisees on our team. Erin lives in Johnston IA with her husband and 3 children.

Our Newest Franchisees in McAllen TX: This young couple is excited to open their first Shear Madness in McAllen, TX! They have a brand new store in Citrus Grove Plaza. They live with their two young children in McAllen.

jimandjanonJanon and Jim Otto: This extremely hardworking husband and wife duo diligently work behind the scenes not only as Shear Madness franchisors, but as salon owners as well! They opened their first location in Lee's Summit, MO in May 2013, and have been successfully building their salon business since. This Madtastic couple sells, supports, oversees, and executes every aspect of Shear Madness Franchising, LLC. No detail is too big or too small for the Otto's. Jim and Janon strongly believe in the kid's hair salon concept and the future of Shear Madness. They live in Overland Park, KS and have three daughters.

1 paula  2011

Paula Thurman (far right): The mother and founder of Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids, Paula Thurman has built her kid's hair salon and boutique concept to be what it has become today. As owner and operator for over 17 years, she is an expert when it comes to customer service, managing employees, payroll, retail, and many other salon related issues. Paula personally oversees all training for new franchise locations and their employees. She is committed to the success and vision of becoming the very Best Kid's Hair Salon Franchise - "The Standard by Which All Others are Measured!" Paula lives with her family in Overland Park, KS and owns the original Shear Madness Haircut for Kids, Olathe, KS location.

Here at Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids Franchising, we work hard to share our many great resources and business experiences so that our franchisees will have the tools to succeed! If you're interested in learning how to become a successful owner of your own franchise business, please click below or call 1-888-98 GONE MAD!

Exploring a Children's Salon Franchise

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10 Reasons to Invest in a Hair Salon Franchise

Posted by Matthew S on Fri, Jan 16, 2015 @ 12:01 PM

Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids,Kids in a Kids Salon,Kids Boutique

Many people who are interested in opening their own business and becoming their own boss often wonder what the advantages might be of investing in a franchise opportunity. Following are ten reasons why buying a franchise may translate into the long-term success of your investment.

Robust Industry: Many franchise systems offer services that are in high demand. The children’s segment of the recession resistant Hair Salon Industry is one such example, It's currently worth around $19 billion. To date, there are around 45 million kids in the Shear Madness age group – and this is expected to grow by about 7 million by the year 2020! 

Marketing Support: Ask anyone who runs a business, and they’ll tell you that marketing not only takes a lot of time – but can cost a lot of money too. However, an effective marketing plan is critical in letting the community know about what your business does, where it’s located, and so much more. For example, Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids understands this, and offers great resources and strategies to help businesses attract new customers.  

A Record of Success: Franchisors will have a proven record of success. Through years of experience marketing to their customers, they usually understand what works - and what doesn't. Through becoming a franchisee, you automatically gain this valuable business advantage.

The Brand: A franchise brand is a powerful tool. As an example, the Shear Madness Brand is one that is instantly recognizable as being fun. Those who own a franchise with Shear Madness are automatically connected to the tens of thousands of parents and children who love who we are and what we do. This translates into many repeat customers who share with friends and family about their great Shear Madness experience! 

Buying Power:  Franchisors usually have experience in knowing what products sell well and what don’t. Additionally, they have the knowledge on how to negotiate for the best prices on everything needed for the successful operation of the business. Many times the sheer number of franchise locations allows the franchise to negotiate for better pricing.

Store Location: Where to locate is an important question any business owner should consider. Franchisors help study your community in order to help you find the best possible location for success.  They know the numbers and other criteria that allow for the possibility of a successful franchised business.

Networking: Franchising can be a little like a group of trusted friends, and should be a great environment of sharing and building each other up. Franchise owners who work with other franchisees and communicate what works and what doesn’t will have a competitive advantage over those who don’t! 

Training Support: Great franchise systems have worked hard to develop many training resources to help you achieve success. For example, with Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids, we provide our franchisees with in-store training with stylists, and encourage opportunities to network with other franchise owners. Because of this, you’ll have access to a wealth of business knowledge at your fingertips.

Building your Store: One of the benefits in buying a franchise is the franchisor's expertise  in designing the layout of a prospective business, working with the right contractors, and knowing how much furniture and equipment will be needed. Again, this helps a business owner save time, money, and keeps the headaches to a minimum! 

Minimizing Risk: Ultimately, as a potential owner of a franchise, the success of your store will be up to you. But through being a part of a franchise system like Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids, the risk of starting a new business is significantly reduced. Sure, there will still be challenges that come your way, but as a franchisee, you’ll have greater confidence and know-how in how to succeed. 

When an individual buys into a franchising opportunity with Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids, they won’t be going at it alone. Our team excels at being a partner who wants our franchise owners to succeed! Learn more tips on how to achieve success from our team of business experts by downloading our free resource below.

Exploring a Children's Salon Franchise 

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Which Salon Franchise is Best?

Posted by Janon Otto on Fri, Jan 2, 2015 @ 10:01 AM


In the franchise world there are many options, and choosing between categories alone can be an interesting challenge.  However, one category that is worth careful evaluation is salon franchises.  Why?  Well, everyone needs a haircut now and then.  Most sectors of the salon industry are recession resistant, and it doesn't appear that the internet is going to be able to replace haircuts anytime soon!

The choices for a Salon Franchise are larger than you think!

1.  The ones everyone thinks of are some of the original hair salon franchises - think Great Clips, Fantastic Sams, Snip n' Clip, etc.  These are low end walk in type salons.  Clientele does not make an appointment and they tend to exist on every major street corner in most metropolitan cities.  These typically have the stylists act as management, and the owner is an absentee owner.

2.  Mens' salons - this niche is relatively new to the franchise sector.  Probably the most well known mens salon franchise system is Sport Clips.  However, many others have opened in recent years.  Everything from very high end Men's Country Club type salons that offer a full array of services i.e. The Boardroom, down to lower end salons that do high volume yet still offer men a good haircut without all the frills.  There are those that appeal to pool players and those that just cater to "players".  Most wives don't really appreciate those, and taking your kids to one is deemed "inappropriate"!

3.  Kids salons - again we have a type of salon that is relatively new to the scene.  There is no real dominant player in this arena.  Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids has been in operation since 1997 - and that's one of the earlier children's salons!  None of the salon systems predate the 90's!  Each franchise has its own personality and philosophy on running a succesful salon.  Extras added to some are kids retail and birthday parties.  Some are run by a manager and others have the stylist/manager configuration. A close evaluation of what makes up the revenue portion of the salon is important to look at.  How easy is that portion to run?  Does it take an onsite owner or can it be run absentee?

4.  Hair Removal Salons - these are also very new to the franchise arena.  Tropical Laser Hair Removal opened in 2007! They still fit under salons as the technicians need to have licenses, just as hair stylists need to have licenses.  These can be combined with the above types of salons or can be a stand alone type. Many times these are partnered with businesses offering massages.

5.  Nail Salons - there really is not a dominant player here at all.  It seems that most nail salons are individually owned, yet we're waiting for a franchise to pull it all together!

6.  Lastly would be Massage Salons - think Massage Envy.  These typically sell memberships as opposed to collecting revenue when the service is actually performed.  This type of franchise with membership fees is very popular, especially in the health club arena.  Many buy memberships, and then don't use them like they should - which in turn makes the franchise system more profitable.

There you have it! Lots to choose from!  Which one is best will depend a lot on your specific situation. 

  • Are you located in an area that already has enough of any one of these types of salons?
  • Do you want to work in your salon or run it absentee?
  • How much income are you hoping to generate on your salon?
  • How many salons can you afford to open?
  • How much support does the franchisor offer vs. how much you need?
  • How does your talent set match with that of the franchisor?  Or, will the franchisor be willing to help provide what you might lack?

If you are thinking that you might like to learn more about franchising, we invite you to download our free whitepaper (available at the link below). Once you know a bit more about investing in a franchise, you'll be more prepared to contact individual franchisors and ask great questions!

Exploring a Children's Salon Franchise

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A Salon Franchise - The Four Most Important Questions

Posted by Jim Otto on Mon, Nov 24, 2014 @ 09:11 AM

4questionsFranchise buyers are currently combing through a choice of some 160,000 franchise businesses in the United States. Why do some franchises businesses take off while others flounder? What franchise is right for you? More importantly, is owning a salon franchise right for you?

Although there are many factors when looking for a franchise (training, length of time that the franchisor has run the business, and number of franchisees currently in the system), there are four ultra important keys to look for when seeking a salon franchise.

1) Does the Business Model Make Money? First and foremost, you must determine if the business model you are looking at makes money. This may sound elementary, but franchising, with all its advantages, is a completely different business model.  Many businesses make money, but if those businesses were forced to pay an additional 6 to 12% in Royalty and Marketing costs, their owners could not survive. Therefore it's recommended to not try and reinvent the wheel. Seek out a salon franchise business that currently has a long track record of success. Keep in mind that the franchise system itself may be younger than the actual concept itself.  Find out how long the franchisor has had a history with the concept itself.  Have they really figured it out before offering the franchise?

2) Is the business model sustainable? We live in an ever changing and fast paced world. Consumers demand change by the minute and we are greatly influenced by technology. Look for businesses that are being done the same way today as yesterday, and will be done the same way tomorrow. Luckily haircuts (and hair care in general) is a pretty hard industry to imagine being completely taken over by technology!  This is why over the last decade more and more salon concepts have begun to franchise.

3) Is the business relevant? We can probably all think of companies whose products have either gone out of style or are no longer relevant. The most recent example is Block Buster entertainment. The video rental store has been replaced by Netflix and other on demand movie services. Another example is Borders. Borders book stores unfortunately didn't keep up with Amazon's on line book stores, and recently closed most of its locations as well.  Again, it's hard to imagine a time when hair care is no longer a need - no matter what happens with technology.

4) Can you see yourself in the business? If you can't visualize yourself in the business, don't do it! Find something you're passionate about, something that you feel would make a difference in others people lives, and something that makes the world a better place. Running a business is hard work. Make sure you have a strong support system around you and seek wise council before you begin. Salon franchise or not - you must be passionate about what you do!  A salon owner may or may not cut hair!  Remember, running the business portion of a salon doesn't take a cosmetology degree because it's much different than cutting hair.

It's a fact that running a business can be hard work and encompasses many challenges that most people have never encountered. But it's arguable that you can buy a salon franchise and have a greater chance of success. Most salon franchises do offer the advantage of a successful business history. However, even getting a salon franchise off the ground takes effort!  

describe the imageWhen evaluating any franchise - the above 4 questions are those that MUST be answered with a YES.  Luckily with the salon business, it's likely that two of the four already have YES as the answer!  Now, what about the other two?  Can you see yourself in this business? This question you can most likely answer for yourself.

The other question - does this business make money? That one can only be answered by doing a little research.  Contacting many salon franchises, talking to the franchisors, and comparing business models is something that is important to find out.  Getting the Franchise Disclosure document, the Franchise Agreement, and then talking to current franchisees is the best way to determining this answer.

If you would like to talk to us about a Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids Franchise, please call 1-888-98-Gone Mad (1-888-984-6636). To find out more about Franchising and receive our free Franchise Buyer's Toolkit, just click the link below!

Exploring a Children's Salon Franchise

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Own a Franchise - What about Royalties & Fees?

Posted by Matthew S on Mon, Nov 17, 2014 @ 09:11 AM

RoyaltiesFeesSo, just what exactly is a Franchise fee? How about Royalty fees? What does a franchisee get by paying a franchise fee or royalty fees? For those who are investigating a potential investment into a franchise system, these are important questions.

Think of a franchise fee as the right to use a brand that has been built up over the years, and has many tried and true systems behind it that are designed to help a new franchisee succeed in running their business. Most new businesses go through a period of trial and error when building a following.  This period uses lots of working capital and time.  When buying a franchise you are avoiding many years of this learning curve.  Many times the Franchise Fee may seem expensive, but in the long run it may actually be a bargain for the time and money it will save you!

Royalty fees are those payments a franchisee might send each month in order to continue receiving the benefits of belonging to the franchise system.

For example, these fees not only pay for the rights to use the logos and trademarks of the franchisor's system, but also access to services that are designed to help a franchisee develop their location (demographic information, architectural assistance, site visits, fixtures, signs, and sources for equipment). Franchisees also may receive training, access to software to help run their business, access to advertising outlets (social media, publications, etc.) and access to the franchisor's marketing and graphic design department (which can help deliver customer flyers, ads, artwork and more).  The royalty also gets you the keys to contacting other business owners who are trying to do the same things that you are trying to do - which can save you time and effort.  For example: What is working, what isn't, how can we take something and make it better?  New ideas are sometimes being tried throughout the system, and you'll have access to the success and failure rate of those new ideas.

A good franchisor will also use these fees to grow the system through research and development (in order to stay competitive), monthly meetings, and the continued development of training and operational resources.  Software programs, management and cost saving systems are additional areas where the fees are used.

It's also important to remember that every franchise system is a little different. Depending on the industry, the types of services a franchisor may provide could vary. Also, size could play a factor. For example, while a smaller franchise system may not be able to offer some of the services much larger franchisors can offer - a smaller system can provide a level of personal service that the bigger systems can't.

However, if you really want to understand what you're receiving from the franchisor, be sure to read your franchise agreement. This will detail exactly what the franchisor will provide for you. And if there's something the franchisor said they would do, but it isn't a part of the franchise agreement, you may want to discuss it with them. Also be sure to refer to the Item 11, a document that outlines services the franchisor provides.

In the end, a franchise fee could be looked at as a kind of investment into the future success of a new business. By having access to years of knowledge and experience, a franchisee may take comfort in the knowledge that they won't be wasting time and money or processes that just don't work. And even more importantly, they'll have a friend in the business who is there to help them succeed! 

If you are wanting to learn more, our Franchise Buyers Toolkit in an excellent resource - and it's Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids free gift to you! Click below!

Exploring a Children's Salon Franchise

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Is a Salon Franchise for you? Six important questions to consider

Posted by Janon Otto on Mon, Nov 3, 2014 @ 12:11 PM

describe the imageOh - thinking of starting your own salon business?

You might want to think again before starting!  If you interview successful business owners you will find that owning your own business sometimes is NOT what it's cracked up to be!  It can be hard work!!!  Following are 6 traits that every business owner must have, or chances are he or she won’t have what it takes to stay until the paycheck finally comes in!

Personality type – Are you a competitor?  Most of us think we are, but are you?  When you ran races in grade school, what were you thinking as that other kids caught up to you?  That will tell you a lot about your competitive spirit.  Do you always believe that you have what it takes to win, no matter what?  Do you doubt yourself and your abilities?  In business you MUST believe. You cannot doubt your abilities.  You can second think and learn from mistakes, but that is wisdom and OK - it is not doubting your abilities.  No business owner does everything right the first time around!  And that is NO business owner!  There is always going to be a learning curve, and the learning will never stop.  There are many salons out there so competition is a given - can you take it? At Shear Madness Franchising we give you marketing tools to compete as well as a concept that is the BEST!

Numbers acumen – Can you evaluate numbers?  You may have an incredible business idea, but you may not open it in a place where it has the chance to succeed.  You must do the numbers – you need to evaluate all this BEFORE starting.  If you have already started and aren’t doing what you expected, it may be that your location or marketing are preventing your success.  Sit back and do the numbers.  How many customers does it take to make the income you need?  How many potential customers are in your market?  Are there competitors who will get some of those customers?  How many of the potential customers will actually do business with you?  How far will they drive, etc, etc.  Much of success or failure is all in the numbers!  If you aren’t good with these, find someone who is and ask yourself every question you can and try to estimate on the LOW side before you start.  A salon franchise system can help you with this!

Are you an Idea person or a Follower and implementer of others’ great ideas?  This is an important question to ask yourself.  You can be a great business owner with either trait, but the business you choose will change based on the trait that you have.  If you are an idea person – then owning your own business and starting it from scratch could allow your imagination to flourish!  If you are a great implementer of others’ ideas then you may be a perfect candidate for investing into a franchise system.  In a franchise system you can be the best implementer and most successful by doing well in an already proven successful system.  If you have great ideas, you could improve on an existing system as well.

Instruction Taker or Rebel?  This goes along with the question just asked.  However, it is a very important question to ask yourself.  Do you look at others’ ideas and think that you could do it better?  Or do you appreciate the wisdom of those who have been there before you and know it is best to do it their way?  Rebels are innovators and are great candidates for starting businesses from scratch.  Instruction takers make incredible franchise business owners. We love great ideas, but within the context of what we are already doing at Shear Madness - it's an opportunity for following a system with room for fantastic ideas!

Immune to discouragement – This is a biggy – if you are easily discouraged you will NOT succeed as any business owner.  Yes, there are times when it is wise to throw in the towel.  But there will be many more times that the going is just tough, and you'll need to stay the course with the knowledge that you will get through it and be successful!  If you are married, you MUST have the support of your spouse and family – sometimes they are the best cheerleaders and can help you through those tough times, because even those who are mostly immune to discouragement can have their down moments. 

Support System – This one is not necessarily a trait, but it is something that every business owner needs.  Encouragement, and surrounding yourself around those who are positive about your business is a must.  A franchise system can provide that "cheering" that you may need to get you over those bumps in your business.  Knowing what to expect on a monthly basis and how others' are doing can provide a basis to evaluate your own performance.

A salon franchise may or may not be for you.  But, to help you get more information we have put together a toolkit that can help you on your exploration journey.  Get it sent to your email here:

Exploring a Children's Salon Franchise

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The Best Franchise for You

Posted by Janon Otto on Wed, Apr 11, 2012 @ 17:04 PM

The Top Franchise for YOU! If you are looking to invest in a small business franchise finding the top franchises can be quite a challenge.  The definition of a top franchise is also a tricky question.

What is your definition of The Top Franchise? Best Kids Salon Franchise

Is it the most popular franchise?

Is it the most profitable franchise?

Is it the most fulfilling franchise?

Figuring out what your definition of the best franchise is the first step in your evaluation process. Many may think that the top franchise may be the one that is opening the quickest across the country.  In some cases that may be true, but it is also something to cause concern. Can the franchisor handle this large growth this quickly?  What about working capital for the franchisor, the number of trainers available and how the training is handled.  Do they come to you or do you go to them?  How much experience do the trainers have?  Does the company have a system for you to talk to other franchisees? Being able to talk to others who have been there longer than you can be VERY helpful.

Is this a franchise fad? Think Orange Julius, Meal Prep Stores, E Bay Drop off stores, Video Games Stores, Kids Indoor Play Areas (Discovery Zone), 30 Minute Fitness places, etc. Are there enough clients for this many stores?  Currently the frozen yogurt and cupcake craze is on! There are so many different brands, how do you choose, and how many can a city hold? Ask the franchisor if they are talking to other potential franchisees in your area. What would be the size of your territory? Call competing franchises and ask the same questions.   

Is the franchise that you are considering one with staying power? Can it be replaced by the internet? Will the consumer tire of its offerings?

 The Most Profitable Franchise - for some this may be the definition of a top franchise. Being the Most Profitable franchise is difficult to determine. The FTC regulates what can be disclosed and talked about with a potential franchise buyer.  The reason for this is what you make is dependent on many different variables. The demographics of your location, the location itself, the current economy, how hard you work, the training and support that you take advantage of, the amount you spend on marketing, and the list goes on!

So looking at a franchisors Item 19 on the FDD is a start to determine this. However asking questions of current franchisees may help you determine profitability.  But what you need to ask is what efforts they have put into growing their business. There are many types of franchises. There are those where a franchisee must sell himself and his personal services to customers (think business coaching, etc.). There are brick and mortar franchises - you build it and they will come - however, you had better build it in the right location!  There are service businesses that are home based and provide a product that must be marketed by you, etc.  So think about what it would take to be successful in this franchise business and ask questions about that.  If it is a newer franchise without many franchisees then ask the business founder what they did to become so successful and how much help they offer you to do the same. The most profitable franchises are continually developing to help your profit margin continue to grow.  Ask the franchisor about development plans.  Think Pizza Hut, McDonalds, etc.  they are constantly offering new producst to help franchisees continue to grow.  Does the success or failure of this franchise solely depend on your ability to sell?  If so, taking an honest evaluation of your skills is a must.  Can you hire this?  Is there enough profit to hire management? 

Is the Top Franchise the most fulfilling one for you? It may be that money is the sole fulfullment factor for you - if so then you may just want to look at profitability alone.  However, we at Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids have found that most business owners are much more successful if they LIKE what they are doing! What would be fulfilling to you?  Do you want to provide many jobs for others? Do you want to provide a service to others? A product? Do you enjoy helping others grow, or offering a place for customers to enjoy? All these and many more questions go into evaluating the top franchise for you. There are a thousand or more franchise options, finding one that is Top for you is possible.

Download more information about finding a great franchise HERE!

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A Kid's Hair Salon! - Opening a Children's Franchise Business

Posted by Janon Otto on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 @ 11:02 AM

If considering this segment is it best to go it alone or join a franchise system? -

  • As with McDonalds, the best marketer will win. Marketing = imagination and money. It's our opinion that mom and pop kids salons will someday be a thing of the past and the franchise system that masters marketing and customer service will take over.
  • Payroll is the largest expense that a kids salon will have and careful management is a MUST. Some franchises have systems in place to help with this while others do not - of course at Shear Madness we do!
  • Demographics and location are key to success. If you have no experience in this area - this is HARD. Shear Madness has over 14 years of operating history - lots of good and bad decisions in our past to share with you!
  • As you can learn the ins and outs of managing a salon, product offerings, software management, website managing, scheduling, hiring and managing stylists yourself, to do it most efficiently you can save thousands of dollars on that learning curve and make up your franchise fee quickly in efficiency savings in a system with great training and ongoing support.
  • Research and Development should be ongoing in any business operation, a franchisor who is constantly upgrading the salon software systems, new ad campaigns, communication systems, is a real asset as it is a full time job to keep up on these things. A royalty may be very inexpensive compared to the cost of doing all this
  • As word of a good franchise system spreads, word about your business spreads as well. Group advertising pays off! As clients move around they will look for you because of a fellow franchisee store.
  • As with any business endeavor it is best to have a coach. With a franchise you have a built in business coach.

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