A Father & Son's First Trip to Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids!

Posted by Jim Otto

fatherson.jpgAfter having recently written about what it is that Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids is about (which can be read right here), we thought it would be fun to follow it up with an actual account of a parents review of a first-time visit to one of our stores! Following is what a father and his son had to say about what it's like to visit a Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids!

Matt describes that after learning about Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids from a friend, he made an appointment for his son to visit on a Sunday afternoon. "The receptionist was very friendly, and really sounded interested in what was going on," Matt noted. "This was a great first impression, as sometimes I've called stores and gotten ahold of people who weren't overly enthused to talk to me. It made a difference."

Matt then discussed that on the day of their appointment, he tried to arrive with his son a few minutes early. "When we walked in, I could tell this was the kind of place I would have loved coming to as a kid. And I could tell my son was really liking it too. He was drawn to the diecast vehicles and action figures in a cool retail area in the front of the store, and spent a few minutes checking these out while we waited just a minute or two for our haircut. There were a lot of toys and games for boys, but there was also toys and stuffed animals for girls -and there was jewelry, hairbows and hair products too, which was great. I also really liked the look of the store, as it has a lot of bright colors and fun artwork hanging on the walls. And there was a birthday party going on in the back, with karaoke, which added to the fun atmosphere of the place."

"My son pretty much knew what to expect for his haircut, but this was the first time he was able to play a game while he was getting it cut. He also could have watched a movie too, but he couldn't resist one of the building games that was available on the game console that he also plays at home. Meanwhile, I was able to stand nearby and watch, and we both gave our input on what we were looking for regarding his hairstyle," Matt explained. "The stylist was very friendly, and talked to my son about how his day was. She also talked with me too, and seemed like she really enjoyed her job. I saw that there were a variety of vehicle type chairs for kids to sit in while they were getting a haircut, but as my son is older, he sat in a normal sized chair. I later learned that I could have gotten a haircut there as well if I had wanted, and that sometimes adults will come in and get a haircut with their child for the sake of convenience. There's also various haircutting packages, where a mother and son can get a haircut together for a special price, or a daddy and daughter can get one too. I'll definitely plan on coming back again the next time my son needs his haircut!"

When Matt's son was asked about his visit to Shear Madness, he smiled and said, "My Shear Madness trip was so fantastic, it felt wonderful to get manly-scented hair gel put into my hair. I enjoyed playing the games while getting my haircut. I also liked how vibrant everything was, and had fun looking at the toys. I would definitely recommend this place, because it's good!"

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